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Benefits of Online Jewellery Management Software

Computerization Benefits of Jewellery Software
• Manage Jewelry Stock according to weight/set/Design wise.

• Manage Karigar account, renewing stock and order stock.

• Making charge, wastage, costing Maintain purity wise.

• Modernized Showroom Administration & Reduce Terms to stock Tally

• Easy & Fast billing by Accuracy
• Effective Purchase administration to reduce costs

• Customers Satisfaction & Business Development

• Integrated Accounting “PAPERLESS STORE”

Online Jewellery management software_26 September 2018

Jewellery Billing Features
• Modification of old Gold, Advance, metal, and Replacement

• Ornament images on purchase bill and stock as well

• We can keep diamond/stone/making rate and wastage of our regular customer

• Customer Database maintain

• Easy & Fast Billing with minimum tab Required

• Barcode/Item Code/Item Style wise Search

• Cash, Credit, Panel wise Bill / Approval

• Attract Consumers i.e., Card/Point System

• Various type of Discounts & Schemes

• Flexibility in Stock for Govt. Employees Bills

• Multiple Series & Wholesale Billing Selection

• Various Customers Billing at the equal time on single PC

• Switch over from Sale to Purchase to Sale to anywhere

• Family Group Option for Credit Sales

• Credit Card Sales & Online Bank Status

• Online Deficiency for Unmaintained Stock

Why to use only Jewellery365cloud?
• All India Network & Unlimited upgradations

• Restriction on Stocks & Costing

• Over 1000+ users & multiple sales/support centers
• Cross mark of Purchase Rates, Disc. Deal & Cost

• User-friendly & scroll base

• Easy to perform i.e. Minimum Training Requirement

• Operator wise Log Book & Best Jewellery management software

• Start your Billing from Day one after purchasing software

• Latest Product Database

• Accounts up to Balance Sheet

• Invoices Export/Import, Any report in Excel

• 100% Accuracy & Data Security

Record System
• Consumer Anniversary, Birthday, Image and festival Records

• Girvi and Kitty Records and Reports

• Repair, Sales Order, Karigar, Approval, Sales and Purchase Reports

• Day wise Silver and Gold Silver rate record

• Last purchase deals of an item at the time of Purchase/Billing

• Order through E-Mail/Print Media

Purchase Features
• Maintain BHAV (metal to rupees, metal to metal) and adjust the credit amount

• Auto purchase load from Order/Email

• Purchase as per Supplier checklist

• Display Last 4 Deals of the Selected item to cross-verified Deal, Rate, Disc., Cost & Tax

• Cash/Credit Purchase

• Supplier wise various outstanding reports & reminders

• Pending Cr/Dr & Replacement Notes

• Stock compensation add for without purchase

• An easy option for Management to Cross Check Notes
• Sales option at the time of Buying

• Item not received in purchase can be a turn to Pending Order

Accounting Features
• Accounting is more accessible than Tally

• Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet

• Online Accounting with Zooming Facility

• Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L on Tips

• Cash and Fund Flow & Ratio Analysis

• Bank Reconciliation & Interest Calculation

• Bill Wise Suppliers Outstanding & Bank Summary

• Sales Tax Registers & Summaries, VAT Returns

• Columnar Register/Ledger Printing

• Multi-Ledger/Voucher/Dr/Cr Note printing

• Merge Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L for Pharmacy Chain Shops

• Cheque & Voucher Printing

• Customized Auditor Reports

MIS Reports
• Entire Profit reports on Day/Month/Item/Company/Bill & Supplier wise

• Analysis, Fast- & Slow-Moving Items

• Selling, Stock & Purchase Analysis

• Suppliers wise Appraisal & Stocks

• Bill not Printed/No. of Prints/Modification Track

• Operator wise Log Book, Cash Collection & Sales Reports

• Supplier Wise Companies List & Best Supplier Planning

• Adjust Margins of Bills for personal sales

• Pending Challans & Single Bill for Counter Sales
• Product/Suppliers & Customer Queries

Other Features
• Committee Management

• Girvi (Mortgage) Management

• Endorsement, Old Gold return/purchase Management

• Barcode wise billing

• Jewelry Certificate

• Single User, Two User & Multi-User

• 100% Data Security & Accuracy

• Tried & tested (100 % error free)

• Multi-Currency, Unit & Financial Years Adroitness

• Calculator & Cash Return Adviser

• Month Calendar with various festival, birthday, anniversary

• Suppliers, Consumers & Personal Directory

• Telephone Book, Envelope & Labels Printing

• Hot Keys for a switchover from one report to another

• software / Operator / Company Passwords & Boundations

• Data Security with Self Backup & Carbon Copy system

• Sales/Purchase, Bank, Ledger & Data Freezing on any Date

• Auto recovery of Bill for the unsaved bill due to Power Off

• Report Printing from anywhere

Stock Report
• Item/Weight wise Report with wastage and making

• Date/Party wise and without Tax report

• Approval/Sale Order/Girvi Reports

• Purity wise stock report

• Make customizable Reports with your jewellery365cloud – Jewelry software
• Convert to any report in PDF, Excel, Word etc. formats

To get a quick demo of our Software or you can directly call us on +91-8140297820 or you can email us with your requirement at


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