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Key Features of Jewellery Billing Software

Sales Bill Attraction
In jewellery365cloud, jewellery billing software is very much advanced yet easy to use. In our illustrations, the customer wastes more time on their billing so that we are always focused on the ways through which you can do your billing with the shorter use of entering key. Credit/Cash Management, Order/Challan Loading, Item Searching, Real-Time with Live Balances on Multi-user, Light Fluctuation Security benefits etc are unique.

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Counter Sale Entry
In this option, multiple salesmen will handle multiple customers on a single computer. From Jewellery365cloud, it’s a superb gift for over busy counters.
Multi customer handling provision:
Direct interaction with database no need to save, Customer merge provision, Purchase bill, feeding on counter entry, Operator wise counter sales, Supervisor can see all counter sales, Counter sale to Bill conversion.
Point of Sales Provision
At fast sales counters jewellery billing software is very much important. The jewellery accounting software is fully advanced due to its certain unique features like Barcode, Virtual Keyboard and Touch Items Pop-ups etc.
Credit Limits
In jewellery365cloud there were two types of Credit limits are available i.e. Primary Credit Limits and Final Credit Limit. Bills can be produced by the help of password if initial credit limits get crossed. If final credit limits get traversed and once you have set “follow strictly” in the party’s control then it will not permit crossing the frontier.
Rate Management
Rate Master of jewellery accounting software is very much advanced for the fulfillment of the customer’s need. In the Price Records, Party wise Special Rates, Minimum Prices, Pick Rates from Last Delivery, Net Rate and Lot Rate etc… excellent options are available, so there is no need to retain rates at the time of billing.
Salesman Selection
In jewelry software, salesman selection is done in various ways. Salesman wise reports and outstanding are very advance. Also, there are procurements available to filter reports salesman wise and figure commissions of the salesman.
Free Scheme (Bonus)
In some business schemes management are a very significant part of billing. There are various ways to distribute Free schemes, which are not imaginable in every software. In jewelry software, all ways are available to assign free schemes.
Discount System
In Jewellery365cloud, Discount System is fully advanced. In these different types of discounts are available like- Percentage, per unit, Lump sum etc. in this you can set Bill wise, Item wise or Group wise discounts.
Margins & Losses
In Jewellery365cloud, high focus is given on Margin & Losses Management. In Today’s competitive generation, even a slight mistake makes your business down. Such type of Losses Management is built in jewellery365cloud so that loss due to mistakes can be bypassed.
Item Popup with lot of features
In jewellery365cloud item window all required information’s are available for businessmen. You can still show or hide them as per your requirement.
Bill Printing
In jewellery accounting software, you can design bill formats. The Billing Format Design is that much advance as it is fulfilling all the requirements of our users.
Flexibility & Facilities on Billing
In jewellery365cloud, jewellery billing software is much advance and flexible in which your Customer’s, Transport & Bankers requirement can be fulfilled. Hot keys in jewellery365cloud billing system are very much advanced, you can switch over from bill to any report and vice versa.
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Jewellery management software, Jewellery Software, Jewelry management software, jewelry software, Uncategorized

Jewellery Management Software

The jewellery management software/jewellery billing software has Purchase, Sale & Estimate of Jewellery (Gold, Silver), Purity Categorization, Item Transfer, etc. It further covers the integrated purchase of Old Gold with Sales, Value Addition, Stone Weight, Sales on Current Market Rates, Transaction with a manufacturer, Physical stock arrangements. Fast billing formats, VAT & other tax reports available. Other features include Integrated Accounts, User Activity Monitor, Easy Backup & Restore, Multiple glass processing, etc. Single User or Multi User options are available.

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Features of Jewellery Management Software
Inventory & Barcode Management
It involves Managing Stock by Type of Ornament, Weight, Purity as well as Services, maintain stock across multiple outlets, Maintain Daily Stock Register for Day End Tallying, Maintain Bar Codes, include an image of ornament in master, Polishing & Blending wastage management.

Purchase Management
Purchase management includes Buy Pure material (GOLD, SILVER, GEMS), Retain Daily Rates, Retain Dealer Purchase, Outstanding Payables management, Retain Rate History.

Price and Discount Management
It assists to keep the record of Price of the material & concession given on that material.

Sales & Point of Sale (POS)
It retains track of the material that how much material is sale & how much is left.

Salesman Management and Counter Management
It involves the whole knowledge of each salesperson & counter management of the shop.

Old Gold Management
It also manages the old return gold information.

Goldsmith/Karigar Management
In the Karigar management, it will send the stock to external KARIGAR for working, Keep a record of stock across multiple Karigar & keep labor charges records as per weight/item.

MIS Reports
MIS Reports includes the information of Salesman performance and commission, Daily item verification record & Cash Flow/Fund Flow, Cash Flow Projection

Branch Management
Branch management module in the jewelry software keeps track the information of different branches at one place.

Accounting & Statutory
Accounting & Statutory feature includes Proper Integration of Inventory and accounts, Proper book keeping till finalization of accounts, Strong Banking Module.
Finalization statements like Balance Sheet, P & L.

Security and User Access
Security and user access feature enable the option that only authorized users can see the information. Every user has their own authorizing level.

Payroll Management
It manages the salary & payroll of the workers.

Girvi Management
Girvi management module in Jewellery Software keeps the information of the material that how much material is taken for Girvi & at what percentage rate it gives money to the customer.

Technology will keep the track of all the technologies that are used in the jewellery shop.

Utilities will keep information of the utilities that are used in the jewellery shop.

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